17 September 2009

Rootz Underground

I checked out Rootz Underground, this week at Pulp Live. The band consists of a lead vocalist and five instrumentalists. The lead, Stephen Newland, has a stage presence and voice that immediately invokes thoughts of Robert Nesta Marley, the contemporary edition. The instrumentalists - Jeffrey Moss-Solomon, Colin Young, Leon Campbell, Paul Smith, and Charles Lazarus produced cohesive sounds that had the crowd rocking. The crowd was a nice mix of Black, White, Chinese, and other ethnic races.
The heavy the Roots Rock, Dub,
and Revolutionary influences are obvious in the content of their music. The performance was full of energy and musical motivation vibes. I thoroughly enjoyed the set and it was a nice change in scenery, from the usual rey-rey and stush crowds.

"How much longer will we waste away by the side of the road? How much longer will they enslave my mind, even my body and soul....Some youths say them a soldier, still I really wonder what they're fighting for".

Check out the band's website for a free download of their album: Alive.

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