11 September 2008

Dancehall Gone Too Far?

When did it become cute to have your dress over your head or your ass laying on the ground in the dancehall?

Why is it that some women use dancehall as a place to skin out themselves and reveal everything that should normally be left up to the imagination.

Overall I believe that musically the caribbean culture is a slight bit more in touch with sexuality than oh let's say Kenny Rogers or Rod Stewart.

I wonder, some woman go through extreme lengths to get dressed for the dancehall, whether you work for your money, clutch clothes, boops man, or leech off of your parents. Whatever the means, after getting dressed do you say to yourself "good now I can go sweep up the dancehall floor with myself?"

Don't get me wrong I love dancehall and the majority of what the artists have to offer. However, every once in a while I have to say 'what di backside is she doing?' or 'but wait-is that what he really said, "Yuh pu**y good so yuh nuh haffi give head"'!!

Is it really the lyrics that give women the vibe to be so slack or is the dancehall an excuse to publically reveal the parts that are meant to bring forth life.

Obviously music must continue whether or not we agree with what the artist is saying but that doesn't mean we can't act like ladies. I can't remember the last time I saw a man showing off his stuff in a dance.

TO BE CONTINUED...When something else wild takes place.