11 June 2009

Quick Fix

(Vera Wang, Mark Davis, Gucci)

Once gain the weather is warming up, the fashion season is shifting and it's all about tasteful sheer fabrics, bold accessories, and ankle straps.

The manner in which sheer fabrics are used in garments has come a long way since the 1940s. Heck it has come a long way since the '90s when sheer = sex. The 90s was full of garments the showed nipples, hiked up thongs, and bras in an array of colors. Now the use of sheer fabric has reinvented the mysterious, soft, and elegant image.

Big, bold, and colorful accessories are just the items needed to boost a seemingly simple outfit. Banana Republic has some to die for bib necklaces that add the bang to your wardrobe. Do maintain a level head if considering purchasing those cheap, plastic looking earnings, bangles, and necklaces that can be found everywhere-including the $1 store. Although a bargain might be enticing and they do come in every color, they say cheap and negate from a classy, simplistic look.

New season? Good excuse to step into some new shoes. Of course Gucci may be on the higher end of the shoe budget for many but there are plenty designers and brands that offer the same look for less. Right now Nine West, Zara, and Steve Madden have styles to fit your needs-ankle strapped, platformed, studded, zipped, and ruffled. If you have a little extra change (after paying those bills and dropping a little into savings of course, check out the selections in Nordstrom.