05 April 1998

You Told Me

You told me not to trust.
Because in the end my heart would be left in the dust.

You told me it was OK to cry but only to myself.
Because crying on the outside would only lead me to being by myself.

You told me I should dance because it was nice to be together.
But you said that you couldn’t promise that it would last forever.

You told me I should care but not too much.
Because in the end I’d miss his touch.

You told me never to give up when things went wrong.
But to be strong and listen to our favorite Love Song.

You told me to be Loving without holding on too tight.
I didn’t but I can’t help thinking about him every night.

I remembered all the things you told me.
All of these guidelines…how happy I’d be.

I did all the things you told me to.
And I avoided everything you said not to do.

So why in the end does it hurt so bad.
Out of all the happiness all I feel is sad.