14 January 2010

Helping Haiti

The eyes cry, the heart aches, the mind questions. With no explanation for the tragedies we endure, we ask HIM to save the souls of those we lost and guide the souls of those spared. Condolences to all closely related and those connected by association.

You can text YELE to 501501 and a $5.00 donation will be sent and the charge will appear on your phone bill.

R.I.P. those in Haiti

20 November 2009

HHT Studios

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13 November 2009

Is it better to be good or happy?

In the last few months I have been sucked into watching what takes place on Wysteria Lane, for those of you unfamiliar-Desperate Housewives.

I must say that although this show illuminates the happy, funny, and at times dark aspects of suburbia, truth of the matter is your left wondering about yourself and....your neighbors. Some desire to have the perfect life branded by "husband/wife, cookie cutter house with white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a dog, named Max". OK maybe not specifically those things but you get the idea.

Many people do achieve this lifestyle without incident and live happily ever after. On the other hand there are some who go to great lengths to create the perception for others of this perfect life. Behind every closed door there are secrets being kept never to be seen on that perfectly manicured front lawn. Teen pregnancy, drug addiction, domestic violence, infidelity-you name it, its taking place.

The secret pasts that we hide or the secret motives we have both present the question
"Is it better to be good or happy?"

Why do we lie?

Usually to cover up an unfavorable act or personality trait.

Why do we cheat?

The thrill of something new, the feeling of invincibility, and of course attempting to have cake and eat it too.

It is better to do what's good or to do what makes you happy?
This is a question that I have probably asked myself before any decision. At times we get so caught up doing the noble thing that we are so unhappy that it turns resentful. It's common to worry what others would think and say about you if you did something other than what they perceive to be the right thing to do.

The criticism of parents and peers and knowing what they are going to say in regards to a certain situation, tremendously breaks down confidence and self-motivation. How much are you willing to sacrifice to contribute to someone else's happiness?
I have found the things that make you happy are the things that you are good at.

In the event that you tell a lie, make sure it is only to cover up a past that you will never repeat.
As far as your secret angle, modus operandi, M.O., to getting what you want, just handle your business with tack, style, and grace. If they are going to be left talking just make sure its about how good you are. In the end you will get what you want and.....all that it comes with.

Just when you're about to get down on yourself for taking that chance or doing what makes you happy-remember:

"Guilt is a small price to pay for happiness."

31 October 2009

**Side Note**

Why do people wait till the bricks fall to check the foundation for cracks? You are supposed to monitor and secure your foundation all the time.