18 August 2009

What's Missing From Our Relationships???

These days it's hard enough trying to create a balance with the significant other already in your life, let alone trying to meet someone new. Many times we find ourselves in a relationship in which giving up is so much easier said than done. Walking out would just be so easy but there may be much invested, especially time.

The first thing that probably comes to mind when thinking about problems in a relationship are infidelity and financial strain. That's not all, the big one is communication, without it all problems are free to enter the arena.

A major contributor
Have all of our face to face communication skills evaporated into the dust of technology? Think about it, how often to you communicate with others using the "e" world gadgets-BBs, iPhones, Internet, text, Facebook, or Twitter as opposed to face to face or voice to voice? When you are unable to see someone face to face you call them, but calling has become such an inconvenience that we text instead. I think we are becoming people who hide behind 12 pt font. Behind every electronic word we are able to hide and avoid body language, facial expressions, and vocal indications.

In order for relationships to work, you have to take it back to the basics: Communication.

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