03 February 2009

25 things, got me thinking about more things

I'm supposed to list 25 things about me myself....

1. I love life, give thanks everyday, and still say my Gentle Jesus at night
2. For me music = life
3. If I could choose two between living in a nice flat in the city with a doorman or a condo in Bal Harbour, life must be good.
4. I broke my color bone at 5 years old and had stitches in my face about that age too. (wild child)
5. I love my eyes.
6. I have written over 150 poems
7. I am contemplating cutting my hair.
8. There are many places I want to travel to Amsterdam, Egypt, Tokyo, and New Zealand.
9. Realize that no one’s perfect but some flaws cannot be coped with.
10. My favorite food is Curry Chicken and Roti...(wish grandma could stop by every Sunday and Thursday to prepare that) and...I love dulce de leche milkshakes, pepper shrimp, goat fish, pine tarts, bulla and cheese, kiwi and guinep (Too bad breakfast isn't really at Tiffany's ;-) Gam)
11. I love my family for all the different things about each of them weird or not. LOL
12. I have OCD in many aspects: cleaning, having a pen where the ink is bold, writing neatly, not having cake and ice cream on the same dish, etc.
13. I have my goals lined up and I’m checking them off. I am trying to make a fusion of short-term goals with long-term goals.
14. One day I’ll have a ticket to watch the shows at Bryant Park or be amidst the backstage chaos of Fashion Week.
15. Dream day at work: hail a taxi to a fashion house for a meeting while drinking a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha and reading Bazzar.
16. I am grateful for the good friends I have and miss those who are gone (Dre & RRover), -shout out to my peeps locked up-LMAO just kidding.
17. I would drink more water if there were hourly Voss sparking water delivery
18. I appreciate things in the production phase: sounds, words, timing, beat, vocals to make music-->fabrics, colors, and designs to make garments
19. I got a little purse collection/obsession too bad I can’t have as many bags as shoes
20. Which brings me to # 20, after school I hope I can get a good job so that I can afford items 3 & 8, and 19.
21. I want to go get a manicure right now, and then Kotobuki with Michelle, (yum Miso Soup) dam Midterms
22. Know there is someone for everyone, finding that someone is a journey
23. I have a son, love him to death, and realize that he is here to experience the journey with me.
24. I like to photograph random things that are otherwise just on the back page.
25. If I told this one you wouldn’t want to read “25 more things: 26 – 50”. LOL

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