04 November 2008

Election ’08 Part II

BARACK OBAMA - 44th President of the United States.

FINALLY, the victory is ours. I have to first give thanks to the one who makes ALL things possible.

I am pleased that McCain conceded with a decent speech.

President Obama is making those proud who never, in their wildest dreams, ever envisioned such a day.

What will you tell your children and grandchildren? Where were you and what were you doing when you heard the news?

Stop and think how this will affect the lives of the people today and 50 years from now.

This is exactly what this country needed. We should all come away from this monumental event with something. At the very least we should discover a new sense of ambition and SELF-motivation.

The battle is won but the war is just beginning. The reality is that President Obama has a long road ahead.

We need to live our lives from this day forward giving thanks, humbly, respectfully, proudly, and strongly.


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